Misc. formatting tools for Bytetools
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This is very... miscellaneous repo. Basically, random one-off scripts that do something small enough that it doesn't make sense to create an entirely different repository for it.

All tools are explained by a second level header.


This script removes common bad characters from the pdftotext tool. It does not catch them all though.


$ replace-bad-characters test.txt


This vim script defines a function that will (mostly) format sentences on one line. It screws up on colons and and question marks if text is after it, but otherwise is fairly accurate.


:call FormatSentence()

To attach it to a key sequence, for example Ctrl+Shift+p

nnoremap <C-S-p> :call FormatSentence()<CR>


If you'd like to contribute, please open a pull require on the Github unless you work for Bytetools and have permissions.