Convert visible text in PlantUML to braille text.
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Convert the visible text in plantuml (.puml) to braille.

Defualt configuration is:

plain text -> Canadian (8-dot) braille [en_CA.tbl] -> Unicode braille [unicode-braille.utb]

You must know the exact name of the table you want to use if you want to use any other braille table. On Linux, you can find the list of tables in: /usr/share/liblouis/tables/


$ ./plantuml_braille text_test.puml > braille_test.puml

Or the script can be used to copy the output to the clipboard. (This does only work using X in Linux) The text version of the PUML file should be called text_diagram.puml.

$ ./


  • python (v3.6+)
    • louis (python library, in requirements.txt)
  • liblouis (usually called this in your repo packaes)


Please send a pull request to the Github repo unless you work with Bytetools and have permissions.